Q: Can Kate Endle or Caspar Babypants sign my books or CDs?

A: YES! We will  happily sign our names and include the name of the recipient on your book or CD. If you'd like additional information included in your inscription (Happy First Birthday, Happy Reading, To: The Tenebaum Family, etc) please include all the information in the "Special Instructions" portion of your order. Also, if you make it to a Caspar show or find me at Pike Place Market or a craft show your books and/or cds can be signed during an event.

Q: Can I pick my order up at Pike Place Market?

A: YES! I typically sell at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle a few days a week.  To schedule a meet up please text me at 206-383-9535 and include your name in your message. My booth location changes day to day so once we've decided on a time I will let you know where I have set up for the day. Selling times are 10am-4pm. Check my events calendar for my market schedule.

Q: I've always wanted to write and/or illustrate a children's book! Can you help me?

A: YES! My two very best suggestions to get your book published are to read any Writer's Digest books on publishing in the children's book market and to research your local Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) branch. Writer's Digest publishes several really great books on the topic so decide which title works best for your needs. Information includes how to create a dummy book, publishers' submission guidelines, and much, much valuable information. SCBWI provides an endless amount of really great information along with providing a platform to get you in touch with other writers, illustrators, editors, and art directors from around the world. Local chapters typically meet monthly and the SCBWI national organization has two yearly conferences held in Los Angeles and New York City. Now get cracking and get YOUR story out into the world!

Q: I have a great idea for a children's book! Can you read my manuscript? Can you illustrate it, too?

A: No. Reading a manuscript and offering suggestions on how to make your story better or helping you to get it published is something that I am not qualified, or comfortable, doing. I also do not submit manuscripts of other writers to my publishers; I only work with writers that already have a publisher and very rarely do I work with the author directly. Typically, the editor matches the illustrator to their chosen manuscript for their publishing house. If you're a writer, your main focus should be getting your manuscript to the right publisher; no need for you to take on the extra worry of finding the right illustrator. Again, Writer's Digest books will answer all of your questions. Join SCBWI and buy the Writer's Digest book listed in the answer to the previous question.

Q: Can you help me get in touch with Caspar Babypants?

A: YES! You can contact Caspar Babypants directly through his website. Here, you will find instructions on how to book a show, live show dates, and his email for questions.

Q: Do you and Caspar make school visits or do book signing/author reading events?

A: No. Currently, Kate is booked up with selling dates at Pike Place Market and craft shows. Caspar is on break from performing shows so please check his  website for updates.

Q: Do you take custom orders for art?

A: YES! Email me at kateendle@gmail.com and we can discuss your needs. Orders take anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on my freelance and market schedule. Orders for holiday gifts must be made before November 15th. Typically, I do not charge extra for custom orders and you're not obligated to purchase the art unless you're 100% satisfied; this applies to orders where I'm reproducing an image that I have already created. If you're asking me to create something that is out of my normal repertoire (custom pet portraits, unusual animals, etc) then I do charge a custom fee because I will be creating and emailing sketches to you for approval before I go to final. Once you've approved the sketch then you are obligated to pay for the custom piece.

Q: Who are The Seattle Lady Makers? Can I join?

A: The Seattle Lady Makers is a collective of professional craftswomen in the Seattle area who support each other as we enrich your life with handmade arts and crafts. I co-founded the group after having spent an inspiring weekend at the 2017 Camp Thundercraft event, which is held each year on Vashon Island. I shared a cabin with several women and we had so much fun that we decided we needed to meet up on a regular basis. We each invited a few more artists and currently have 15-20 members. We meet each month at each others homes, studios, or restaurant. Sometimes we go on fieldt rips and this year will be our 2nd Annual Summer Retreat which happens at my home on Vashon Island. Unfortunately, we're not currently taking on new members. It's challenging to host 15-20 people in homes; making reservations at restaurants can be difficult, too. It's also challenging to coordinate schedules! Our hope is that we inspire other makers to create their own groups and perhaps we can all meet up as a larger group once a year.

Q: What kind of glue and paper do you use to make your original collages?

A: I use a wide variety of papers to create my original collages. Most of papers I hand paint myself using artist grade acrylic paint from Golden Paints. I also use Holbein Acryla gouache. When using printed papers, I use Japanese chiyagomi and yuzen papers. These papers are high end, hand silk screened paper from Japan and can be purchased from The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto, Canada. JPP also offers a wide range of tissues and bookbinding papers which I also incorporate into my work.

I use two adhesives for gluing- Golden Fluid Acrylic for adhesion and final varnish and Lineco PVA glue. Lineco PVA (poly vinyl adhesive) is and archival glue that is used for conservation work. These glues will not go brittle or yellow over time and collages can be exposed to high moisture content rooms, like bathrooms or kitchens, without damage. Both glue can be found at your local art supply store or online at DickBlick.com.

Thank you for your interest! If you need additional information please feel free to email me at kateendle@gmail.com or text me at 206-383-9535 and include your name.